Keybind Function
Ctrl + P Screenshot
Ctrl + Shift + P High-Res-Screenshot
Ctrl + Alt + P Green-screen-Screenshot
F12 Show closed Customizer Window
Ctrl + R Record Video
Ctrl + Alt + G Disable / Enable GUI
Ctrl + Alt + M Disable / Enable Mouse Cursor
Ctrl + Shift + R Toggle Room Visibility
Ctrl + Shift + M Toggle Customizer Visibility
Other Keybinds
Alt + R Reload Game Textures

Moving Poses

Keybind Function
. Enable Pose Moving Mode
Ctrl + Arrows Rotate Pose
Alt + Arrows Move Pose Depending on Camera
Alt + Pgup/pgdwn Change Pose Height
Shift + Any of the above Precise Movement

Camera Controls

Keybind Function
A / D Left / Right
E / C Up / Down
W / S Forward / Backward
R / Home Reset Camera
Shift Faster Movement
Esc Quit Current Mode
Back Back to Previous Screen

Light Controls

Keybind Function
L Rotate Light Around Vertical Axis
Shift + L
Ctrl + L Rotate Light Around Horizontal Axis
Ctrl + Shift + L


Keybind Function
Quickbar Controls
F1 - F4 Switch to Quickbar Mode 1 … 4
1 - 8 Activate Quickbar Icon 1 … 8
Space Browser
Other Controls
Ctrl + 1 Activate Model 1 (Me)
Ctrl + 2 Activate Model 2 (Mate)
Tab Switch Between A/V If Possible


Keybind Function
Sequencer Controls
Shift + Drag Copy / Paste
Ctrl + Shift + B Freeze Scene
Num-. (decimal on numeric keypad) Move pose

“Num-.” (US keyboards) allows you to relocate a pose within a scene. Use “.” with DE keyboards - Click with mouse within the scene on desired place or use Ctrl+arrow keys to relocate your model. - Use Alt+arrow to rotate pose. Press/hold Shift for more accuracy. Esc to exit mode. - Once pose is repositioned, sequencer saves changes to your sequence.

Pose Editor

Keybind Function
File Managment
Ctrl + N New Pose
Ctrl + S Save Pose
Ctrl + O Open Pose
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Alt + LMB Select Manipulator on Picked Part
W Set Manipulator to Translation Mode
E Set Manipulator to Rotation Mode
Q Hide Manipulator
+ / - / * Increase / Decrease / Reset Size of Manipulator
F Set Camera's Look-At-Point to Current Manipulator Position
Shift + F Set Selected Model's Look-At-Point to Current Camera Position
Key Editing
K Toggle Automatic Keying
Shift + K Toggle Key Editing
Shift + C Set Camera Keys to Current Camera Position
S Manually Set Key at Current Frame
Timeline & Animation Control
. Jump to Next Key in Timeline
, Jump to Previous Key in Timeline
Home Jump to Start of Current Timeline Part
End Jump to Start of End Timeline Part
Alt + 1 - 4 Jump to Timeline Part 1 - 4
Space Start / Stop Animation Preview
Other Controls
Tab Toggle Pick Boxes
C Toggle Character Collision
Ctrl + A Toggle Display/Edit by value
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