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Текущая версия Klub 17 - 7.3.X

Как установить последнюю версию 7.3.X:

  1. Установите SV2 V114
  2. Обновите до V7.3
  3. Обновите до последней V7.3.X


ЧаВо по установке

Могу ли я обновить 6.3 до 7.X?
Нет. Сделайте бэкап ваших файлов из 6.3 и перенесите их в последнюю версию 7.x.

What is the megacontent pack v11 and how to install it?
The magacontent pack consist of additionl poses, models, textures. You can only install it with version 6.3 or lower. After installation you can transfer pack content to latest version.

  1. install v6.3
  2. install megacontent pack v11
  3. look for content importer inside the game root folder and click to import (contents will automatically unpack) may take around 30 mins to hours.
  4. Once content is unpacked you will find all clothing textures skins and rooms in the v6.3 ActiveMod folder. Back up all content and transfer to ActiveMod folder of latest version.

More info here

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