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-<fs large>**Custom content**</fs>+<fs large>**Modifications**</fs>
 ====== Overview ====== ====== Overview ======
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 Other than that they are very diverse and could be of those types: Other than that they are very diverse and could be of those types:
-  * **3D replacer/addons**  +  * **3D replacer mods** 
-This type adds new toys, hairs, rooms, clothes. Also they could replace some existing meshes, such as body.+You could have only one type of replacement of each object(for example, there could be only one replacement of cowboy hat or of female body). 
 +Replacer is a mod which will replace a item of clothing or body with another. 
 +It can comprise of just minor changes or be completely different. 
 +Since it replaces a object, the original will not be available anymore. 
 +Example Mod: 
 +In the game you have bunny ears in the hats section. 
 +These have been altered to the shape of horns. Textures have also been altered. The mod is then built into a txx file. 
 +By installing the txx file and selecting the bunny ears in the game, you will get horns instead. 
 +More txx files of the same mod may be posted, which give you a different horn. 
 +  * **3D addon mods** 
 +Those just add new toys, hairs, rooms, clothes without removing original
   * **Script mods**   * **Script mods**
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   * **Sound Mods**   * **Sound Mods**
 New voices and sound effects. New voices and sound effects.
-Txx mods are more deeply change game and have their dedicated category both on wiki and modsgarden. 
-====== Installaton of custom content====== 
-Read how to install all mods types to the game:**<wrap hi> __[[customcontent_installation|Custom content installation]]__</wrap>** 
-====== Textures mods ====== +====== Installaton of modifications======
-Read those guides to learn how to make your own textures mods: __[[manual_texture|Manual texture]]__\\ +
-Download base template textures for texture modding and get more info [[http://modsgarden.cc/textures/14/texture-index-v-1-5/1287/|here]] \\ +
-Press Alt-R in game to see changes you make to textures immediately.+
-====== Poses ====== +Modifications(.txx files)are put in Archives/2.114.001 folder. \\ 
-A walkthrough for interactive poses__[[manual_poses_interactive|Illustrated Interactive Pose walkthrough]]__+Pay attention to load orderit is alphabetic one. If two .txx files have same file the one sorted at top of alphabet would override the one at the bottom of alphabet. 
-====== Models ====== 
-====== Sequences ======+====== Introduction to txx modding ====== 
 +[[modding_introduction|Modding introduction]]