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Custom content


Common feature of all modifications - they have .txx format and installed in Archives/2.114.001 folder. Other than that they are very diverse and could be of those types:

  • 3D replacer/addons

This type adds new toy, hair, rooms, clothes. Also they could replace some existing meshes, such as body.

  • Script mods

This type could add new sliders, categories, emotions, etc

  • Image mods

This type is mainly used for permanent replacement of some textures, such as cum textures or interface textures.

  • Sound Mods

New voices and sound effects.

Txx mods are more deeply change game and have their dedicated category both on wiki and modsgarden.

Installaton of custom content

Read how to install all mods types to the game: Custom content installation

Textures mods

Read those guides to learn how to make your own textures mods: Manual texture
Download base template textures for texture modding and get more info here
Press Alt-R in game to see changes you make to textures immediately.


A walkthrough for interactive poses: Illustrated Interactive Pose walkthrough



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