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 ====== Overview ====== ====== Overview ======
-You can make different custom content types for Klub 17.+Common feature of all modifications - they have .txx format and installed in Archives/2.114.001 folder. 
 +Other than that they are very diverse and could be of those types:
-They fall in following  categories: +  **3D replacer mods** 
-  Texture mods (ClothesRoom, Hair)+You could have only one type of replacement of each object(for examplethere could be only one replacement of cowboy hat or of female body)
 +Replacer is a mod which will replace a item of clothing or body with another. 
 +It can comprise of just minor changes or be completely different. 
 +Since it replaces a object, the original will not be available anymore.
-  * Poses +Example Mod: 
- +In the game you have bunny ears in the hats section
-  * Models +These have been altered to the shape of horns. Textures have also been altered. The mod is then built into a txx file. 
-  +By installing the txx file and selecting the bunny ears in the game, you will get horns instead. 
-  * Sequences +More txx files of the same mod may be posted, which give you a different horn.
- +
-Txx mods are more deeply change game and have their dedicated category both on wiki and modsgarden+
- +
- +
-====== Installaton of mods====== +
- +
-Read how to install all mods types to the game: __[[modifications_installation|Modifications installation]]__+
 +  * **3D addon mods**
 +Those just add new toys, hairs, rooms, clothes without removing original. 
 +  * **Script mods**
 +This type could add new sliders, categories, emotions, etc
 +  * **Image mods**
 +This type is mainly used for permanent replacement of some textures, such as cum textures or interface textures.
 +  * **Sound Mods**
 +New voices and sound effects.
-====== Textures mods ====== 
-Read those guides to learn how to make your own textures mods: __[[manual_texture|Manual texture]]__ 
-====== Poses ====== +====== Installaton of modifications======
-A walkthrough for interactive poses: __[[manual_poses_interactive|Illustrated Interactive Pose walkthrough]]__+
-====== Models ======+Modifications(.txx files)are put in Archives/2.114.001 folder. \\ 
 +Pay attention to load order: it is alphabetic one. If two .txx files have same file the one sorted at top of alphabet would override the one at the bottom of alphabet. 
-====== Sequences ====== 
 +====== Introduction to txx modding ======
 +[[modding_introduction|Modding introduction]]