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   * .bsb   * .bsb
-Encrypted text files. Contain game scripts and meshes.+Encrypted text files. Are game scripts and meshes. 
 +  * .txf 
 +Plain text files. They usually accompany a texture with the same filename, in the same folder. They specify the blending mode Hook will use to apply the texture.\\  
 +"RGB_888" "Opaque"\\  
 +Completely opaque texture with no transparency. Casts shadows.\\  
 +"RGB_8888" "AlphaMask"\\  
 +Pixels with opacity higher than 50% will be completely opaque, while those with less will be completely transparent.\\ Only opaque pixels will cast shadows.\\  
 +"RGB_8888" "AlphaBlend"\\  
 +Gradual change of opacity will be visible. Textures with this mode will not cast shadows, regardless of the opacity level, and may produce unwanted visual artifacts and glitches (such as flickering and wrong lighting). The number of digits corresponds to the number of channels used. Opaque texture will only have three channels, while others may have four (RGB + Alpha or Transparency).  
 +====== Operating with txx and bsb ====== 
 +Both txx and bsb need to be encrypted to be functional in game. To edit those files you need to decrypt them. 
 +Use [[http://modsgarden.cc/tools-software/27/game-files-unpacking-tools/414/|Game files unpacking tools]] to do it. 
 +====== CollaTKane(CTK) the new moding tool ======= 
 +CollaTKane... = (CTK)  
 +This is an app that allow to convert .dae (collada) file into direct add-on txx usable by the game. 
 +incredibly fast for add-on *.txx generation. 
 +latest version(v2.17) download: http://modsgarden.cc/tools-software/27/klub-related-tools-software/1321/msg133717#msg133717 
 +Tutorial by Berger: http://modsgarden.cc/user-created-threads/28/berger-work-progress/3787/msg136934#msg136934