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Illustrated Posing Walk-Through

This walk-through shows the way I use Pose Editor to create custom poses. That means it is far from perfect and you should always look on other tutorials or poses from the community to learn more. And experiment with all kinds of stuff. This walk through assumes that you know how to move around in PE. Read a more basic pose tutorial and play around a lot if you never posed before.

General posing advice

You should have a general idea what you want to achieve with a pose. Seen a nice pose in a XXX-Movie? Think it will work with PE? Go for it. Keep it simple in the beginning. Once you know what works and what not, it's easier to decide if a pose you see can be made.

Always use dressed models for posing. For girls, chose some high heel footwear. You can remove or wear clothing in PE as usual (right-click model, (un)dress…) All your poses should work with and without clothes (in reasonable places - if they are fucking, there's no point to take care that a pose works with trousers and skirts); and shouldn't look TOO bad when wearing high heels. If that isn't possible, consider to create variants of your poses for high heels/clothed models if needed. Take notes if the pose has certain requirement (5' or 6' actors, extreme tit sizes). You want to tell the community about this when releasing your pose.

Use reasonable names when saving your poses. “MyPose 1234” sucks. “2nd try” sucks too. Use a name that people who download hundreds of poses can find. “standing BJ on floor” is much better. If you plan doing lots of animations, consider using a unique prefix for your animations so they are easier to find in the search. Two letters of your forum handle will suffice. So, if you roam the forums as “Zorro”, use something like “zo standing BJ on floor”. People like your stuff? they will search for “zo” in the poses browser.

Set the Camera Keys! DO IT! ALWAYS put the camera in a useful, nice spot and select “Set Camera Keys”. This will save the camera position when you preview you animation, but more importantly, it will define the camera position for players when the animation is loaded. It sucks for players if they have to move the camera to get a good view of the action. At least try to move the camera somewhere reasonable. I once had a threesome pose where the camera was stuck on loading between the three actors. I deleted it immediately - it's unusable. I hear evil things happen to people who don't set reasonable camera keys. Your computer may blow up unexpectedly, and you'll probably get impotent as well.

Animation vs Interactive

An animation is like a scene in a theater, you can watch but not do anything. If you want to control penis or mouth speed, you need to create an interactive pose. Interactive poses have 2 to 4 different animation loops, while animation poses only have one. That means animation poses can be longer, as you can use all 4 time lines for it. As I mainly do interactive poses, that's what we'll talking about. While animations simply have one animation loop, interactive poses require at least two:

- The animation loop (green), default: full time line 1

- The penetration loop (brown), default: full time line 4

Once the pose starts, the animation loop runs. It can be seen as the “background animation” for the pose. For the penetration loop to do anything, you need to connect certain body parts. While you can connect a lot of body parts, only sexual relevant parts will use the penetration loop. So, connecting Model A's hand to Model B's hip won't do anything for the penetration loop, but connecting Model B's neck (mouth) to Model A's penis will. Once connected, certain keys can only be modified in the penetration loop. Hip, Penis, Upper Body are typical examples (it depends on what you have connected). The last two loops are:

- The orgasm loop (red), default: time line 2

- The cooldown loop (blue), default: time line 3

Orgasm loop replaces the animation (but not penetration) loop once a model orgasms. An orgasm loop can play multiple times (multiple orgasms, duh). If done, the cooldown loop is played - always once. Then the pose returns to the animation loop.

Two things:

First, your animation can live without orgasm and cool down loop. Personally, I consider poses without it as incomplete.

Second, the default time lines set can be changed. Heck, you can even overlap loops. You could, for example, use time line 1,2 and half of 3 for your animation loop, the second half of 3 for orgasm, the first half of 4 for cool down and the rest for your penetration loop. Or, you can use time line 1 for animation, time line 2 for orgasm AND cool down (both start at the beginning of time line 2 and both end at the end of time line 2) and use time line 3 and 4 for your penetration loop.

That said, let's do a pose already.

Pose On

I select my default pose editing models: Carl, average male, Dee Dee, slightly modified Dee average female, and Jill-Jill, slightly modified Jill average female. Keep in mind that you can change outfits in pose editor. For this illustrated walk-through, we'll stick to a simple pose. Carl will just fuck Dee Dee's cunt on a table. Simple enough. Let's go.

Image 1: bdd9ff245088419 Sorry, i cannot upload images to this wiki

The starting pose

Before everything else, we need to create the initial pose. This is the most important task, and one that will take a lot of time. The starting pose will later be copied to start and end of all other loops; a lot of effort should go here. Things like face (emotion!) sliders, hand sliders and Eye Lookat tend to be ignored by a lot of poses. Don't. Details add up, pay attention to details and your pose will look great. When PE has loaded, I select “new pose” - “double” as this will be a dual pose. Go to the table location. I loaded up the Bedroom and will use the desk for my pose.

Image 2: 44e352245089968 Sorry, i cannot upload images to this wiki

Both models are in base pose at the same spot, so let's move the male one out of the way. Click on the male's portrait to select, right-click “Hip” “Translation” and select “Set Manipulator”. Shift-click on of the cones and drag the model away from the table, where it won't disturb you. Shift-clicking the hip will move all other body parts without losing relative positioning. Try dragging the model without shift, see what happens, hit undo (CTRL-Z or leftmost button in the tool bar).

If you do something stupid - and it happens - start over. Save often. If you are unsure if what you are trying will work, save to another slot and try. Fall back to the old slot if it fails and try something else.

HINT: In PE, immediately press “c” to disable camera collision. You'll need to move the camera through body parts anyway.

Start posing the girl. You should start with the hip. Use shift-click. It doesn't matter if legs or arms disappear in furniture or walls. We'll fix that later. For my pose, the Hip should be on the desk, rotated backwards.

Plan ahead. You should have an idea from what angle the cock will penetrate. Position the vag (or anus), that is, rotate the hip accordingly. You'll rotate a LOT with the camera. Make sure the position looks right from all view angles. It's okay for the model to “sink” in the desk a bit (in reality, skin is soft and would give way). When the hip is positioned, get a good side-view and play with spine controls. I usually use the Arched slider to get a straighter back for lying poses.

5b4abc245090483 Sorry, i cannot upload images to this wiki

First action now is to get the legs out of the way. Carl needs to get to that delicate pussy. After that, Carl can be moved in position for the fucking. Remember to leave enough room for the legs so they will not “overstretch” once we create the penetration loop. I assumed you know the posing basics, so go ahead and move the legs out of the way and bring on the male partner. For my pose, I left Dee Dee's right leg on the table, the lower leg can get a swinging animation later. The left leg is raised, Carl may support it with it's hand later on. I rotated Dee Dee's hip slightly and put Carl in a good position to penetrate.

Now, test if your male is able to fuck. What I mean is, move his hip in the direction of the pussy, and see if he can get all the way to it without overstretched legs or ramming his upper legs deep into the table. Undo if you have tried it. This will almost guarantee that your penetration loop will work later. It's REALLY awful to spend 2 hours to create a good starting pose, only to discover your penetration loop looks like a heap of bullshit.

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