Download The Klub 17 game

The current version of Klub 17 is V7.5.1.5. In order to use all features and have the latest bugfixes, you should always update your game as soon as a new version is available.

How to the install latest version:

1. Download and install V7.5

Download the V7.5 installer here.
You will need a torrent client such as µTorrent or Deluge in order to download the file.
Follow the instructions in the installer. Choosing 'Portable Install' is recommended.

2. Update 7.5 to latest 7.5.X

Download the latest patches here.
You will need only the latest patch! However, you should carefully read the contents of the last post, as some required files might be part of previous updates.
Also, creating a backup of a clean install is recommended.

General rules for patch installation:
.txx files go into “your_install_folder/archives/2.114.001”
.exe files go into “your_install_folder/Binaries”

How to choose your game settings with TK17 Options Manager

You can enable or disable various functions and mods with the TK17 Options Manager. This program is installed with the main game and can be found either in your installation folder or in your Binaries folder.
In the following part you can find explanations of the available mods and options.

Using this program is very easy and straightforward.

Open TK17 Options Manager.exe in your game installation folder, choose the options you want and click the 'Go!' button.

Available options

  • Disable stomach/butt inertia

Since the past version, the models' stomach, butt and breasts can move on their own in order to simulate inertia.
You can turn off this option to create more realism when using skinny or pregnant models.

  • Futanari patch

Despite its name, it doesn't make the character have both female and male genital parts. It only increases the following customization sliders' limits:

Maximum penis length.
Maximum penis diameter
Maximum penis tip size
Maximum scrotum size
Maximum nipple length
Maximum nipple diameter

Note: If you are looking for normal-sized shemales, there are dedicated models that are located between females an males in the models list. They are available without any additional mods.

  • SuperSizeMe2

SuperSizeMe2 adds an additional slider (SSM2) that is used to further increase the maximum breast size, even beyond the boundaries of SSM1 (Atomic).
Since this slider was made by using part of the codes from the regular breast size sliders, it will also affect the breasts' shape. Other breast sliders might be affected in an undesired way.

  • Disable models XXX

TK17 comes with a lot of default, look-alike and Hentai models, which will not be used by everyone. In order to reduce loading times you can disable unused models.
Note: Disabling the original model of a model clone that you're using will also disable the clone.

  • Shower always on

The in-game room “Bathroom” features a shower. This option will turn on the shower permanently.

  • Wigs and hair

With this optional mod, wigs no longer disable hair. You can then combine them.

  • Wigs saved with outfits

With this optional mod, wigs will be saved with outfits. This is not recommended, since the default option of wigs saved as hair is more convenient.

  • Pants with penis

This option will disable the function of hiding the penis while the model wears pants. This affects male and shemale models.

  • Catsuits Body

Enabling this option will no longer render bodies invisible once they're wearing catsuits.

  • Disable sybian

In some rooms, a sybian sex toy can be found and is often completely out of place. This mod removes it.

  • Disable body clipping

Removes body clipping on all models.

Explanations and single downloads to all the mods can be found here.
Note: Downloading any of the files is not necessary if you're using the Options Manager!

Next steps

After you have installed the game, updated it and configured it with the Options Manager, it is time to add more content and other modifications.

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