Hook 3 instalation

To install default hook3a without SweetFX and with shox2 sweat texture for default game you need:

1. Download pervokpeter hook3a.zip http://modsgarden.cc/graphics-enhancements/21/hook3-main-files-variations/1207/msg63503#msg63503 ,
download Female_Sweat_Shox2_hook3.rar http://modsgarden.cc/graphics-enhancements/21/hook3-bump-textures/1205/msg63519#msg63519
and unpack both files in separate folders.
2. From unpacked hook3a.zip, go to hook_files folder, copy d3d8.dll, main.fx and folder hook_data with all files inside to game Binaries folder.
3. From unpacked hook3a.zip, copy whole _bumptextures folder with all files to game Mod\ActiveMod folder.
4. From unpacked Female_Sweat_Shox2_hook3.rar, copy whole Mod folder with all files to game base folder.
5. Launch game from Binaries folder using TK17-114.001.exe and if you use game without x4 mod new sweat skin will appear in-game.

For default hook3a settings without SweetFX and better compatibility in game Binaries folder delete or rename d3d9.dll, dxgi.dll files. Recommended, if you don't quite sure what is this files.

guide by Zlax

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