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-<fs large>**Custom content**</fs>+<fs large>**Custom Content**</fs>
 ====== Overview ====== ====== Overview ======
-You can make different custom content types for Klub 17.+You can find, add and create various kinds of game modifications in order to personalize and enhance your experience.
-They fall in following  categories+There are different categories of content. They separate in: 
-  * Texture mods (Clothes, Room, Hair)+ 
 +  * Texture mods (Clothes, Rooms, Hair, Bodies, etc.)
   * Poses   * Poses
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   * Sequences   * Sequences
-Txx mods are more deeply change game and have their dedicated category both on wiki and modsgarden.+  * .txx-Mods 
 +The first four mentioned mods (Textures, Poses, Models & Sequences) can be considered to be light modifications since they don't change game standards but only add content. .txx-Mods are known to change fundamental game data and can be the cause of severe issues. Use with care and follow both the guide found below as well as the Read-me-file that is usually shipped with the mod. Always keep a [[backup|backup]] of a clean install to fall back to when using .txx-mods.
 ====== Installaton of custom content====== ====== Installaton of custom content======
-Read how to install all content types to the game:**<wrap hi> __[[customcontent_installation|Custom content installation]]__</wrap>**+In the following part you can find a comprehensive table that features all the necessary information. If you want to know more or experience any issues, go to our [[customcontent_installation|Custom Content Installation Guide]].
 +^ Modification                ^ File Path                  ^ Used File Format(s)       ^ Placed in Folders ^
 +| Textures                    | \Mod\ActiveMod\            | .png / .jp2 / .txf        | Yes               |
 +| Models (Customizable)       | \Community\Customizer\     | Various                   | Yes               |
 +| Models (Non-Customizable)   | \Save\Models\              | Various                   | Yes               |
 +| Poses                       | \Community\PoseEdit\       | .pes / .png               | No                |
 +| Toys                        | \Community\ToyEdit\        | .tes / .png               | Yes               |
 +| Sequences                   | \Community\Sequences\      | .tgc                      | No                |
 +| .txx-files                  | \Archives\2.114.001\      | .txx                      | No                |
- +====== Mod Textures on Your Own ====== 
- +  * You can find guides on how to learn how to make your own textures mods [[manual_texture|here]].\\ 
-====== Textures mods ====== +  * You can download base template textures as well as UV guides for texture modding [[http://modsgarden.cc/textures/14/texture-index-v-1-5/1287/|here]].\\ 
-Read those guides to learn how to make your own textures mods: __[[manual_texture|Manual texture]]__\\ +  * After modifying a texture, press Alt R to refresh the texture.
-Download base template textures for texture modding and get more info [[http://modsgarden.cc/textures/14/texture-index-v-1-5/1287/|here]] \\ +
-Press Alt-in game to see changes you make to textures immediately.+
 ====== Poses ====== ====== Poses ======
-A walkthrough for interactive poses: __[[manual_poses_interactive|Illustrated Interactive Pose walkthrough]]__+See the corresponding [[manual_poses_interactive|page]] for a comprehensive guide on the PoseEditor.
 ====== Models ====== ====== Models ======
 +A guide on how to modify models will follow here soon.
 ====== Sequences ====== ====== Sequences ======
-====== Megacontent Pack ====== +A guide on how to create and modify sequences will follow here soon. 
-The megacontent packs consist of unsorted poses, models, textures, toys. \\ + 
-It is not recommended to install them since they will slow down your game and you could easily be lost in huge numbers of custom content of very different quality. It is recommended to browse dedicated "Custom content" category threads and choose things that you personally like.+====== Megacontent Packs ====== 
 +The Megacontent packs consist of a large number of unsorted poses, models, textures, toys. \\ 
 +It is not recommended to install the contents all at once since the vast amount of additional files will slow down your game. Since they have very different quality, it is best to try out a few mods at a time. Also, browse dedicated "Custom content" category threads in the Forum to find and add things that you personally like.
-<wrap em>__[[http://modsgarden.cc/game-updates-igra-i-obnovleniya/22/official-mega-packs-tk17-v7-x/341/|Megapacks are here]]__</wrap>\\  +You can find the Megacontent Packs [[http://modsgarden.cc/game-updates-igra-i-obnovleniya/22/official-mega-packs-tk17-v7-x/341/|here]] 
-\\ +