Common Issues

Using mods or other added content can cause issues with the game. In the following, we will show the most common issues and their fixes.

General Information

The first two steps when experiencing unexpected behavior after installing mods or custom content should always be the following.

1 - Remove all custom .txx-files you have installed in the Archives folder, especially the ones you have added last. Those files tend to override game defaults and may cause problems.

2 - Check that you have installed game in the right order. You can find a description on how to do so here. Don't forget to replace the .exe-files in your \Binaries\ folder when there are newer ones in the update. If you're not sure what has caused your problem, it is better to back up your content as described here and re-install the game.

Poses and PoseEditor Issues

  • Male genitalia are missing in some poses.

Reset the values of “Penis Bend Mid” in the first and last keyframe of the pose.

  • Some options in the PoseEditor are gray and unavailable

You forgot to replace the .exe from the update folder.

  • Keyframes get overridden once new keys are set

Disable Key Editing by clicking the button in the top right menu or by pressing Shift + K.

  • Even though the first and the last frame of the pose are the same, the animation seems jumpy

Change the translation type of any active manipulators in the first frame from 'Smooth' to 'Flat' and copy the entire frame to the end of the animation.

Customizer Issues

  • Some of the hair or clothes in the Customizer are without color.

Too many textures in Mod/ActiveMod. Delete unnecessary or unused files.

  • Custom colored outfits are reset to default colors in game

This is a confirmed bug with no solution yet. A workaround for this issue is to save the colored outfit as a costume (save button in clothes tab in Customizer) and load it in-game by right-clicking and selecting “Outfit Selector”

  • I have added a body texture, but nothing happens

After adding body textures, you have to select them by changing the “Skin Base” in the “Body” menu to the right value. If you have tooltips enabled, the name of the body texture will appear if you hover over the corresponding number.

.txx-Modifications Issues

  • .txx-modifications stopped working

This might happen after usage of the “TK17 Options Manager”. Delete '.disabled' from .txx-files in your Archives/2.114.001-folder.

Graphics Enhancements Issues

  • Hook 3 stopped applying bump textures to the model after changing clothes/make-up/etc

Reload the in-game textures with Alt + R.

  • Hooks don't work even though all files are present in \Binaries\

1. Open TK17_Launcher from Binaries folder, choose options, set “Renderer type” to “DirectX”

2. Update your DirectX-version and videocard drivers

3. Disable your anti-virus software

Other issues

  • Game crashes with the “Out of Memory”-error

Use a memory patch in order to fix this issue. Using the latest “Final memory patch” is recommended. Extract all files to your \Binaries\ folder.

  • Slow loading times

Reduce the number of textures in your ActiveMod folder and poses in your PoseEdit folder.
If you are using 4x Textures, consider going back to 1x resolution.

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