Backups are nessesary when you are reinstaling your game, switching to another version or moving your in-game-content. It is also recommended to create a backup after you have freshly installed the game to be able to fall back to this version later on.

You can either copy the important folders into another directory or create a compressed archive (.zip or .rar) containing your files. Both works, even though using an archive is cleaner.

Folders that you need to back up

- \Mod\ActiveMod - Contains all your modded in-game-textures

- \Community\PoseEdit - Contains your downloaded poses

- \Save - Contains preferences and settings such as poses and toys made by you, body presets, clothes, face save files, etc.

- \Save\Models - Contains your models

- \Community\Sequencer - Contains your sequences

- \Community\Customizer - Contains your models in a format that is loadable in the Customizer

Note: If you have any custom .txx-mods installed, you should also back them up. Don't save the entire Archives\2.114.001 folder, but only your modded .txx-files. They are often marked as custom content.

How to back your files up

Option 1: Copying Folders

Step 1 - Create a new folder, preferably use a distinct name (such as Backup_Date).

Step 2 - Copy the folders mentioned above.

Step 3 - Paste them into your newly created folder.

Option 2: Creating an Archive

Step 1 - Follow steps 1-3 from the guide above.

Step 2 - Right-click your newly created folder, move your cursor over “Send to” and select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
Step 2a - If you're using a program that manages your compressed files such as WinRAR or WinZip, the creation of an archive can be different. See the program's manual if you don't know what to do.

Step 3 - You can now delete the folder you've created the archive from, since it's not needed anymore. (But keep the files in your game directory, of course!)

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